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GMC Granite CPU

GMC Granite CPU

GMC Granite CPU

GMC Granite CPU
Make GMC
Model Granite CPU
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine -

At the 2010 Detroit Motor Show GMC unveiled the GMC Granite. Less than a year later, at the LA Auto Show, GMC unveiled the Granite CPU.

Both vehicles share the same basic architecture and design - except whereas the Granite was a compact SUV, the Granite CPU is a compact pickup truck.

Obviously the diminished size of the Granite CPU would rule it out as a serious contender for serious work duties. But as as a utility vehicle for most modern families it's more than adequate. Only idiots need an 8-foot bed and dual rear wheels to carry a pack of screws back from the DIY store.

Despite its small size the Granite CPU has rather chunky bold styling, which does a good job of giving the vehicle a more substantial presence. The clever design of the tailgate allows the normally four-foot long bed to stretch to six-feet long.

The GMC Granite CPU also features a useful foldaway rack system for carrying longer, or unusual shaped cargo.

At the moment the GMC Granite CPU is just a styling exercise. However the clever ideas featured within the vehicle, along with the chunky and stylish exterior design, mean that if it were ever to make production it'd probably find a decent number of buyers.

Source: GMC via Jalopnik

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