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GM Hy-Wire

GM Hy-Wire interior

GM Hy-Wire

GM Hy-Wire

GM Hy-Wire cutaway diagram
Make GM
Model Hy-Wire
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine hydrogen fuel cell

Introduced at the 2003 Detroit Motor Show the GM Hy-Wire concept was an evolution of the GM AUTO-nomy concept and was intended to help further develop both hydrogen fuel cell and drive-by-wire technology.

Like the AUTO-nomy concept the Hy-Wire concept utilized a modular construction method which placed all the running gear and fuel cells low down in the vehicle meaning the layout of the interior floor plan is not dictated by the shape and location of the engine, transmission and driveshaft of a more conventional vehicle. This means the passenger compartment could be designed to better fit the occupants.

Thanks to a drive-by-wire system which eradicates the need for any direct mechanical linkages to the wheels, the steering wheel and pedals can be slid from the left hand side to the right hand side in a matter of seconds to suit different geographic locations and local road layouts.

The hydrogen fuel cell system of the GM Hy-Wire consisted of 200 individual fuel cells connected in series with a fuel cell stack located at the rear of the vehicle in-between the rear wheels.

The fuel cell provided electricity for a front mounted electric motor which produced 126 horsepower. However for short periods of time, when extra acceleration is needed, it can put out up to 173 hp.

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