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GM Sequel

GM Sequel

GM Sequel

GM Sequel interior
Make GM
Model Sequel
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine hydrogen fuel cell

The GM Sequel was the third in a trio of GM concept vehicles which utilized a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain. First came the GM AUTO-nomy in 2002, and later the Hy-Wire in 2003. The Sequel concept, which was revealed at the 2005 Detroit Motor Show, was the closest of the three to a production vehicle.

The drive train of the GM Sequel consisted of a fuel cell stack at the front, hydrogen storage tanks in the centre, and lithium ion batteries at the rear. The front wheels were driven by a single electric motor, while at the back each rear wheel got its own motor. This setup meant that the Sequel was a full 4WD vehicle. The power output of the three motors combined was posted at 148 hp.

Thanks to the compact packaging of the hydrogen fuel cell drive train and the drive-by-wire control systems the interior of the GM Sequel concept was spacious and uncluttered.

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