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I.DE.A. Vuscia

I.DE.A. Vuscia

I.DE.A. Vuscia
Make I.DE.A
Model Fiat Vuscia
Concept year 1996
Production year -
Engine -

The Fiat Vuscia which was debuted at the 1996 Turin Motor Show was a design created by I.DE.A. (Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering).

Based on a Fiat Brava platform the Vuscia was designed to be a low-volume vehicle which would occupy a particular niche in the market at the time. Quite what this niche was supposed to be isn't clear. Sporty MPV perhaps?

To create a distinctive new shape for the Vuscia, which would offer more significantly more space than the Brava, the chassis was extended by 200 mm (7.9 inches).

Unlike most MPVs of the time, the Vuscia had a rather sinister and powerful shape which was accentuated by the slit-like headlights and broad shoulder line.

Access to the 6-seat interior was via a credit-card sized card which slid into slots located where the door handles would normally be found.

The roof panel of the Fiat Vuscia concept featured solar cells which were used to power a number of fans to keep the interior cool when it was parked in bright sunlight.

In order to keep the costs down, if it were to have entered production many of the Brava's components would have been retained.

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