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Acura GSX - Luxury Shuttle Bus for Astronauts

Acura GSX

The Acura GSX concept is the work of Jeremy Burgess, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design. The GSX concept was the project he was given during his internship at Acura under the leadership of Jon Ikeda, head of design for Acura.

The Acura GSX (Green Sports Concept) was designed for the year 2025, and specifically for the billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson's aerospace venture, Virgin Galactic. It was created as a proposal for a luxury shuttle bus to provide transport from Los Angeles airport to a future Virgin Galactic spaceport in the Mojave desert, near Honda's test track. The journey would give the future astronauts ample time to download and study all there is to know about the impending outer space experience.

The interior of the Acura GSX features seating for three, with a single seat up front for the driver and two seats in the back for the passengers. This seating configuration offered Burgess the chance to play with
the plan view of the vehicle as well as create a dramatic and sleek silhouette. Access to the interior is via large rear-hinged doors - one on either side. Aside from transporting well-heeled space tourists, the GSX would be used to introduce the world's elite to the Acura brand who might not otherwise consider it.

The Acura GSX concept is based on a Honda FCX platform, and is powered by a hydrogen dual-fuel cell configuration. Each wheel houses electric motors and features adaptive computer assisted suspension to compensate for the un-sprung weight of the in-wheel motors.

Make Acura
Model GSX
Concept Year 2009
Engine / Drivetrain hydrogen Fuel Cell

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Acura GSX

Acura GSX

Acura GSX

Acura GSX

Acura GSX

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