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Alfa Romeo Essence concept car

Alfa Romeo Essence concept car

Alfa Romeo Essence concept car

Alfa Romeo Essence concept car

Alfa Romeo Essence concept car

Alfa Romeo Essence concept car
Make Alfa Romeo
Model Essence
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine electric

The Alfa Romeo Essence concept is a proposal for a highly stylized sportscar which is inspired by the shape of flowing fabrics. The vehicle's creator is Sam Holgate, a 2010 graduate of Coventry University's Transportation Design course.

The Alfa Romeo Essence features a tapering streamlined body which is made from shape memory plastic. This flexible material actually changes shape as the air flows over it to create contours unique to that particular vehicle. After a while the bodywork would return to its original factory shape.

The Alfa Romeo Essence concept was designed for the year 2035, and as such it features a number of unusual ideas - other than the shape shifting bodywork!

The overlapping front bodywork is designed to recall the appearance of a coat or cloak pulled tight around the body. The exposed rear wheels were inspired by early Grand Prix cars - but they also gave Holgate the ability to better taper the rear bodywork.

Inside, the two seats are suspended off a central spine which runs the length of the vehicle's interior, while the dash display is inspired by technical watch faces. Up front is storage space for luggage, or a small amount of cargo.

Powering the Alfa Romeo Essence concept is an electric drivetrain which features lithium ion batteries located in the tail section of the vehicle. These batteries can be quickly replaced, meaning that there's no need to wait for recharging. Just slot in the new set and off you go.

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