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BMW T1 Motorsport

BMW T1 Motorsport

BMW T1 Motorsport

BMW T1 Motorsport

BMW T1 Motorsport

BMW T1 Motorsport

BMW T1 Motorsport
Make BMW
Model T1 Motorsport
Concept year 2008
Production year -
Engine V12

The BMW T1 Motorsport is a supercar devoted to BMWs Motorsport success.
The BMW T1 Motorsport concept is a creation of Miroslav Dimitrov, a Coventry University Transport Design graduate currently working in Italy for one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.

The BMW T1 Motorsport is a supercar designed to celebrate BMW's achievements in motorsport.

The BMW T1 Motorsport was originally planned more like GT sports car, but the final result was a pure supercar powered by a mid-mounted engine V12. The concept features a lightweight carbon fibre monocoque chassis, double wishbone suspension - front and rear. The exhaust pipes are positioned at the back-top of the car just above the suspension and the engine bay - like F1 race cars.

The T1 Motorsport has an unusual feature built into the roof panel and windscreen. The panel is hinged at the front of the chassis just in front of the windscreen. When entering or exiting the car this panel lifts-up, at the same time the doors open sideways in a conventional manner - this setup ensures easy access to the interior. To keep the whole carbon-fibre chassis working as a single rigid shell, when closed this panel integrates completely with the carbon fibre chassis and the body of the concept.

The interior of the BMW T1 Motorsport concept is inspired by mechanical components and parts - it is balanced between innovation, design and functionality. The interior is upholstered and trimmed in white & blue colors, and is designed to offer the best experience and performance for the driver.

The T1 Motorsport concept is finished in plain white only, with racing stickers including the M-Power motorsport stripes.

If the BMW T1 Motorsport were to be manufactured it would be in a limited run of just 499 units. 400 units available for the market, 99 units factory homologated for racing activities. Maximum speed would exceed 230 mph (370 km/h).

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