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Chevrolet Corvette CERV III

Chevrolet Corvette CERV III

Chevrolet Corvette CERV III

Chevrolet Corvette CERV III
Make Chevrolet
Model Corvette CERV III
Concept year 1990
Production year -
Engine 5.7 litre V8

The Chevrolet Corvette CERV III was

The CERV III was powered by a twin-turbo 5.7 litre V8
the third Corvette concept in the CERV (Chevrolet Experimental Racing Vehicle) line. The car first went on display at the 1990 Detroit Motor Show where it showcased some of GM's most advanced automotive technology at the time.

Powering the Corvette CERV III concept was a mid-mounted, twin-turbocharged, 5.7 litre V8 which developed 650 horsepower. Unusually for a Corvette, which have traditionally used a RWD platform, the CERV III concept was equipped with an all-wheel-drive six-speed transmission. It was also fitted with an advanced 4-wheel-steering system. The curvaceous bodywork was formed from lightweight carbon fibre and fibre glass.

Inside the Corvette CERV III concept Chevrolet fitted state of the art electronics including CRT screens in the dash, computer controlled active suspension, ABS brakes (with two calipers on each brake disc) and traction control.

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