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What are Turbos?

A turbocharger is a device which uses the potentially wasted energy of the expelled exhaust gases to spin a compressor that force feeds air into the engine. Because more air is now entering the engine, more fuel can be added, and the increased amounts of fuel and air in the cylinder create a larger explosion, producing more power.

Below is a highly simplified diagram of how it works

How do turbos work diagram

Turbo's essentially have two main sections. The exhaust side of the turbo consists of a turbine wheel in the path of the exhaust gases. The exhaust gases blow over the turbine wheel this and causes it to spin, much in the same way a water wheel works. This turbine is then connected by a shaft to the engine side of the turbo (this is the part you can usually see). This houses a similar wheel, this compressor wheel is turned by the connected shaft and here it forces air into the engine.

See also superchargers

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