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Daihatsu ai front view

Daihatsu ai rear view

Daihatsu ai side view
Make Daihatsu
Model ai
Concept year 2004
Production year -
Engine 0.65 litre 3 cylinder

The Daihatsu ai was a diminutive concept powered by an equaly minisucle 0.65 litre inline 3 cylinder petrol engine (a 0.6 litre diesel was also created).

The ai, ('ai' is the Japanese word for 'love') was a car created for the urban masses, a role which defined the boxy, cube-like shape and practical interior layout. However the designers also wanted to create a car which would appeal to people aesthetically as well as practically. And while nobody is going to trade a Ferrari poster for one of an ai tearing up the track, it design is by no means vulgar.

Inside, the Daihatsu ai has room for 2 adults and two children, however rear impact protection is practically non-existent. Thin-seats and a minimalistic, no-frills interior provide as much space as possible, and for hauling cargo the seating can be re-configured to provide a flat rear floor while the front seat folds flat and slides forward.

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