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Daihatsu UFE-III

Daihatsu UFE-III rear view

Make Daihatsu
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine 660cc 3 cyl + electric

The Daihatsu UFE-III shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show was the 3rd model of Daihatsu's 'Ultra Fuel Economy' concepts, the original was shown at the 2001 Tokyo show.

The UFE-III is powered by a diminutive 660 cc Atkinson 3 cylinder engine and two electric motors. Part of the UFE-III's impressive fuel economy can be traced to the aerodynamic bodywork. The flowing lines give the UFE-III a 0.168 Cd figure. Add this to a 440 kg overall weight and it is a recipe for efficiency.

The interior of the UFE III is set out in a 1+2 configuration, with two small seats crammed in behind the single central drivers seat. The UFE-III is controlled by steer-by-wire technology.

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