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Divergent Microfactories Blade

Divergent Blade 3D printed car

The Blade is a supercar prototype built by Divergent Microfactories using 3D printed materials for primary build components.

The chassis for the Divergent Blade uses printed aluminium 'nodes' which are connected using aerospace-grade carbon fiber tubing to create a a platform which is incredibly light and strong. The pieces which make up the majority of the car's chassis can be connected together within a matter of minutes, dramatically reducing the overall build time.

The Blade's bodywork is made from composite materials, although as it doesn't play a structural role it could be made from any number of materials. The lightweight chassis and body help contribute to a featherweight overall figure of just 1,400 lbs (635 kgs).

Powering the Divergent Blade is a 700 horsepower, Mitubishi-sourced 4-cylinder turbocharged engine which can be fueled by compressed natural gas or gasoline. The performance numbers are startling. 0-60 mph in just a shade over 2 seconds, and with a power-to-weight ratio twice that of the Bugatti Veyron.

Make Divergent Microfactories
Model Blade
Concept Year 2015
Engine / Drivetrain Bi-fuel turbocharged engine (natural gas / gasoline)

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Divergent Blade 3D printed car
Divergent Blade 3D printed car
Divergent Blade 3D printed car

Divergent Blade 3D printed car
Divergent Blade 3D printed car
Divergent Blade 3D printed car
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