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Ford Bronco - 1960's inspired SUV with modern technology

Ford Bronco concept SUV

The Ford Bronco concept which was debuted at the 2004 North American International Auto Show was a concept version of Ford's iconic 1960s sport utility vehicle of the same name.

When the Ford Bronco concept was introduced, it was a bit of a revelation. Here was an SUV which didn't try and please everyone, instead it catered to a hardcore minority who wanted something which they could use for some serious off-roading. Soccer moms need not apply.

For a more open-air ride, the Bronco concept's roof is made up of two separate sections and the rear portion can be removed. Roll bar accents can then be attached for a look that recalls a Baja racer or the customized "Baja Broncos" Ford offered in the 1970s.

The silvery-gray paintwork of the Ford Bronco concept was purposly chosen to compliment the anodized brushed aluminium accents and give the appearance of a body which had been milled out of a single, solid piece of metal.

The Ford Bronco concept is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine connected to a six-speed powershift transmission and "intelligent" four-wheel-drive system.

Adding to the Bronco concept's power is a nitrous oxide "boost" system. At the push of a button, a blast of nitrous oxide is injected into the engine. During combustion, the gas is broken down into nitrogen and oxygen, allowing more fuel to burn.

On the inside, the Ford Bronco concept features a pair of simple round gauges for the speedometer and the odometer/compass. The lockable glovebox has a solid grab handle for the passenger. The corrugated interior floor panels are durable and easy to clean.

Make Ford
Model Bronco
Concept Year 2004
Engine / Drivetrain 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel

Image Gallery

Ford Bronco concept

Ford Bronco concept

Ford Bronco concept

Ford Bronco concept

Ford Bronco concept

Ford Bronco concept

Ford Bronco concept

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