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Hummer H3T

Hummer H3T

Hummer H3T back
Model H3T
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine 3.5 litre straight 5 cyl

The HUMMER H3T from 2003 is obviously of Humvee pedigree, with its oversize toy- like appearance and exaggerated 'bolt-on' extras.

Interestingly Hummer and Nike joined forces during the design of the H3T and as a result the tires are suitable for many different environments and traction conditions. Nike also influenced the interior of the H3T with use of a lightweight material currently used in its climate control performance sports wear. The seats also feature backpacks built into the seat backs.

The H3T is powered along by a 3.5 litre inline 5 cylinder producing 350 bhp driving the wheels via a 4 speed automatic transmission.

The H3T also features a video camera with DVD recording built into the bonnet to record off-road antics.

For another concept vehicle Nike played a role in see the Nike One concept racer.

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