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Hyundai HCD-II

Hyundai HCD-II

Hyundai HCD-II interior
Make Hyundai
Model HCD-II
Concept year 1993
Production year -
Engine 2.0 litre 4 cylinder

The Hyundai HCD-II was an ambitious and - for Hyundai at the time - stylish sports car concept. The car debuted at the 1993 Detroit Motor Show.

The South Korean HCD-II was designed to compete against other compact FWD coupes, a segment which was at the time dominated by Japanese manufacturers. And while the HCD-II might have struggled to keep up with its potential rivals in both terms of both technology and engineering, it did have a certain amount of character - a feature often lacking in Japanese vehicles of the time. However as it was never put into production, we'll never know if personality alone could have allowed it to steal sales from the established models.

Powering the Hyundai HCD-II was a front-mounted 2.0 litre, inline four-cylinder engine which produced 150 horsepower.

The interior of the HCD-II featured a unique three-seat layout. Up front were conventional driver's and passenger's seats. While in the rear there was a single seat which was offset and angled to one side. Effectively the rear seat passenger sat almost sideways in the vehicle!

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