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Kia Kee Coupe Concept

Kia Kee Coupe Concept

Kia Kee Coupe Concept

Kia Kee Coupe Concept

Kia Kee Coupe Concept interior
Make Kia
Model Kee
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine 2.7 litre V6

The Kia Kee was revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Kee is a sports coupe concept based around a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform, with the possibility of an all-wheel-drive layout.

The Kee is powered by a 200 hp V6 with the possibility of AWD
The styling of the Kia Kee is intended not only to gather interest in the concept itself, but also to preview a new styling language for the company, and raise the profile of the South Korean marque.

Kia Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer said of the concept: "Kee has to communicate a design language that will be seen on all future Kia products. That language has to be stated in certain elements of the visual representation – lines, shapes, details. But it has to be consistent and easy to understand. It must be visually strong and purposeful but it must be capable of being transferred from this sports coupe concept to a city runabout, a family saloon, a load-lugging MPV or a go-anywhere SUV."

The Kia Kee concept has a simple profile highlighted with interesting details. Items like the small rear side windows which allow for almost seamless rear and side glass, the electronic micro-switch door release set into the side-window glass, and the dramatic headlights with integrated LED strips which frame the outer edge of the air inlets positioned under the lights.

Inside the Kia Kee concept the layout is decidedly sports orientated. Behind the square-bottomed steering wheel are paddles to shift the six-speed sequential gearbox. Instead of a standard gear stick an ergonomically designed lever sits atop the milled aluminium centre console and requires only a nudge forward or backward to select drive mode. The top of the computer mouse-like gear lever flips up to reveal the electronic starter button. The rear of the Kee's passenger compartment is sufficiently spacious to allow four adults to travel in the car when necessary.

Power for the Kee comes from a 2.7 litre V6 engine, producing 200 horsepower. The Kee uses light-weight aluminium or plastic panels and components wherever possible in order to reduce weight and further improve performance.

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