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Lexus LF-SA Concept

Lexus LF-SA concept

The Lexus LF-SA is a three-door, subcompact city car with unique styling and an unusual configuration.

The Lexus LF-SA is part subcompact car and part mini-crossover, with just a sprinking of coupe-like styling added for good measure. It's an eye-catching piece of design, and one which continues Lexus' tradition of creating controvertial love-it or hate-it concepts.

Lexus say the LF-SA concept was: "...conceived as a luxurious, driver-focused vehicle, designed to address a future world that is more influenced by technology and virtual experiences".

The LF-SA features Lexus' trademark spindle grille up front. But that's about the only recognisable Lexus design feature. Without the badges there isn't much else to tie the concept to the Japanese manufacturer.

One of the more unusual design features of the Lexus LF-SA concept are doors, which at first glance appear to be too small and virtually useless. But in fact this is just a clever use of materials and the doors are in fact normal sized for a compact vehicle.

Make Lexus
Model LF-SA
Concept Year 2015
Engine / Drivetrain -

Image Gallery

Lexus LF-SA concept
Lexus LF-SA concept
Lexus LF-SA concept interior


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