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MINI BioMoke Concept

MINI BioMoke Concept

MINI BioMoke Concept
MINI BioMoke Concept
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine -

The Mini BioMoke concept, inspired by the original Mini Moke, was an entrant to the LA Auto Show design competition which asked competitors to create environmentally friendly vehicles.

All body components of the Mini BioMoke are formulated to biodegrade after a five year life cycle, no sooner. The biodegradable sandwich panels used in constructing the BioMoke are implanted with palm tree seeds. As the Mini BioMoke completes its life cycle, its drivetrain will be passed on to future generations of biomokes, while its body composts to grow trees.

The Mini BioMoke concept would be delivered in kit form, encouraging user interactivity with customizable body panels and alternative fuel powertrains. The kit car format of the BioMoke also promotes the reusing of mechanical components from previous generations of vehicles, and the practice of recycling and reducing waste.

The Mini BioMoke concept is an optimistic and minimalist approach to travel as it relates to the issue of global warming and sustainable design. The go-anywhere capabilities of the Mini BioMoke would allow you to motor through Southern California’s exquisite landscape while its open-aired cockpit lets you enjoy the temperate climate native to the region.

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