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MINI Spiritual

MINI Spiritual

MINI Spiritual
Model Spiritual
Concept year 1997
Production year -
Engine 0.8 litre three cylinder

The MINI Spiritual which was unveiled at the 1997 Geneva Motor Show was the first attempt at an update for the original MINI - which at the time was nearly forty years old.

The MINI Spiritual concept had a completely different layout to the original MINI. Mounted at the rear was a small 60 horsepower, 0.8 litre (800cc) three cylinder engine which drove the rear wheels. The engine was located under the rear seats meaning that there was room up front to incorporate a decent crumple zone in a small space.

The MINI Spiritual concept was designed to be built using a steel frame covered in either plastic or aluminium bodywork. The target total weight for the Spiritual was just 700 kgs (1,543 lbs).

The exterior design of the MINI Spiritual used very little from the original car and if it wasn't for the badge the concept could have been mistaken for belonging to a number of European brands. There were two concepts created - the MINI Spiritual, which was a two door model and the MINI Spiritual Too, which was a four door version.

In the end the styling direction for the new MINI was completely different from the Spritual concept. Had the MINI Spiritual gone on sale it is almost guaranteed to have been a flop when compared to the popularity of the retro styled new MINI which is filled with character and quirky details.

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