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Mitsubishi EZ MIEV concept

Mitsubishi EZ MIEV concept

Mitsubishi EZ MIEV interior in seating mode

Mitsubishi EZ MIEV interior in lounge mode
Make Mitsubishi
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine Electric

The Mitsubishi EZ MIEV concept uses 4 in-wheel electric motors for power, like the Mitsubishi Concept CT which was shown at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2006.

The interior layout of the EZ MIEV is highly adaptable
MIEV stands for - Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle - and EZ describes the versatile seating arrangement which allows the interior to transform from a space capable of seating 5 adults in a conventional manner, to a circular lounge area complete with flat-screen TV. The passenger seats can also be folded flat into the floor to create a large cargo space.

For a single box city car, the Mitsubishi EZ MIEV is surprisingly attractive, and has managed to escaped the usual gimmicks attached to similar concepts. The in-wheel electric motors are a feature which Mitsubishi hope to put in production cars before 2010. Despite being a reasonably radical design feature they are also extremely practical for this type of car, freeing up space inside the EZ MIEV where the engine and transmission would normally be. And because an electric motor provides 100% of its torque from 0 rpm they are well suited to nippy city driving. Not to mention they are environmentally friendly.

Overall the Mitsubishi EZ MIEV is a semi-radical concept which is well thought out and a real taste of the not-so-distant city car.

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