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Mitsubishi Roadster Konzept front angle view

Mitsubishi Roadster Konzept side view, top down

Mitsubishi Roadster concept
Make Mitsubishi
Model Roadster Konzept
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine Hybrid

The Mitsubishi Roadster Konzept was one of the entrants into the 2006 Los Angeles Auto show's 'LA Adventure' design competition. A competition in which the participants chose an activity available in the southern California area, and then designed a vehicle for that purpose.

Designed at Mitsubishi Research and Design of North America by Mark Kim, the Mitsubishi Roadster Konzept (MRK) is a hybrid roadster that aims to emulate the stylish lifestyle and image many people associate with California living.

The environmentally friendly hybrid Roadster Konzept is powered by in-wheel electric motors providing 280 hp, and a rear mounted petrol engine making 80 hp. With a total of 360 horsepower available in such a small car the Roadster Konzept would certainly be a rapid little vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Roadster Konzept has two front seats, and two rear rumble seats for short trips, but these can be folded away for more cargo space.

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