Opel Manta Concept

Opel Manta concept

The Opel Manta concept revives one of the most iconic names in European muscle car history. The original Manta was something of a legend, it looked good on the road, and it performed even better on the track, especially if that track happened to be a rally stage.

The styling of the new Opel Manta concept is a far cry from that of the original. It's much more adventurous and dramatic. Up front the concept features highly stylized LED lights and a deeply recessed grille.

Opel Manta concept

The wheels are pushed to the very outer edges of the car, and even stick out a little from the squared-off arches. The rear features an elegant sloping roofline which ends with a full-width LED taillight.

The interior of the concept features a harsh industrial look, with brushed metal and chrome trim, dark leather upholstery and vintage style switches and instrumentation.

The Opel Manta concept was created by a small team of French designers, led by Valentin Fuchs (exterior design) and Marius Torterat (interior design).

So far there is no word on the proposed drivetrain for the concept.

Make Opel
Model Manta
Concept Year 2015
Engine / Drivetrain -

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Opel Manta concept
Opel Manta concept
Opel Manta concept
Opel Manta concept

Opel Manta concept
Opel Manta concept
Opel Manta concept
Opel Manta concept
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