Renault ReFour

Renault ReFour

The Renault ReFour is a modern day incarnation of the classic Renault 4 compact car which was produced over forty years from 1961 until 1992.

The ReFour concept was designed by Kayvan Naderi and features numerous nods to the original car, without falling into the trap of becoming just another copycat retro inspired design with fancy headlights. There are more than enough novel and modern features to make the Renault ReFour a distinctive car with its own persona.

Renault ReFour

Standout features of the Renault ReFour concept include thick aluminum A and C-pillars which have been left unpainted. There is also a distinctive front grille with a large Renault logo embedded within. The wheels have a distinctly '60s vibe, while the tall roofline helps increase the feeling of space in what is a fairly compact car.

The Renault ReFour concept has been designed to be versatile and practical, just like the original. Which was as comfortable hauling a couple of sheep to market as it was taking a family to the beach. The interior of the vehicle features numerous mounting points for various accessories, tools and gadgets to be stored or added depending on the owner's requirements.

The vehicle is based on an aluminium chassis which is then covered by colored thermoplastic body panels. This method has been chosen to reduce weight, limit corrosion and also eliminate the need for paint.

Make Renault
Model ReFour
Concept Year 2015
Engine / Drivetrain -

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Renault ReFour
Renault ReFour

Renault ReFour
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