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Renault Reinastella

Renault Reinastella

Make Renault
Model Reinastella
Concept year 1992
Production year -
Engine -

1992 was a crazy year for Renault's designers because not only did they develop the futuristic Racoon concept, they also produced this, the Reinastella.

To put it politely the Reinastella was a rather far-fetched concept designed for a fictional future in the year 2038. It got its name from a past Renault model from 1928.

Quite why Renault wanted to design a car for 46 years in the future is unclear. However it's obvious that the designers were incredibly optimistic about engineering progression.

Looking more like a personal spacecraft than a car, the Reinastella had an open interior configuration devoid of any visible control interfaces or instrumentation. A single piece glazed bubble acted as roof, windscreen and side windows.

Because of its quirky, almost comical nature Renault decided to stall the unveiling of the concept by one day - to the 2nd April, out of fears the public would perceive it as a joke!

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