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Renault Zoom concept

Renault Zoom concept

Renault Zoom concept

Renault Zoom concept
Make Renault
Model Zoom
Concept year 1992
Production year -
Engine electric

The Renault Zoom concept which the company trotted out at the 1992 Paris Motor Show was developed with absolutely no intention of putting the vehicle into production.

The Zoom featured a range of novel ideas which were especially creative considering it was developed back in 1992.

It had an adjustable wheelbase - which was altered by moving the rear wheels further forward and under the vehicle. This meant the Zoom could fit into tiny parking spaces.

Power for the Zoom came from a 33 hp electric motor which allowed for a top speed of 75 mph. At higher speeds the rear wheels would move into the elongated position for improved stability.

The bodyshell of the concept was formed from a composite material which was colored during manufacture meaning that painting was unnecessary. This system was also self-healing, so after a short space of time any minor scratches would disappear.

The Zoom wasn't pretty, but it was clever.

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