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Rinspeed sQuba underwater concept car

Rinspeed sQuba underwater concept car

Rinspeed sQuba underwater concept car

Rinspeed sQuba underwater concept car

Rinspeed sQuba underwater concept car interior
Make Rinspeed
Model sQuba
Concept year 2008
Production year -
Engine electric powered

The sQuba concept from Rinspeed is a zero-emmission sports car which has the ability to dive underwater up to 10m (33ft) deep.

The sQuba is based on a Lotus Elise chassis, however in order to operate on both land and underwater the engine has been removed and replaced with three electric motors supplied with power by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. One of the motors is used to provide power on land, while the other two drive the screws at the rear of the concept once underwater. Also helping to propel the sQuba underwater are two rotating jet drives mounted up front.

To get underwater the driver takes the sQuba onto the water and simply opens the door slightly to allow the water to flood in. The sQuba can then be controlled underwater using the rear propellors and front water jets. Onboard breathing apparatus for the driver and passenger is mounted behind the seats.

Part of the reason for not choosing a hardtop vehicle is for safety - with an open top car the occupants can quickly swim to safety in an emergency. The other reason is because of weight. If the sQuba was airtight the extra weight needed to submerge the vehicle would be around two tons. Seriously crippling performance, and aesthetics, both on land and underwater.

Diving underwater is not the only trick up the sQuba's sleeve. The concept is also capable of driving on land autonomously thanks to laser technology developed by Ibeo. "The Rinspeed Concept Car is an impressive example of what’s possible today in the area of active driver support using our laser scanners". Said Ibeo managing Director Dr. Ulrich Lages. "Our laser sensors permit a variety of driver assistance functions using one single small device, e.g. automatic emergency braking, pedestrian protection, collision protection, traffic jam assistant and others."

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