Subaru B11S

The Subaru B11S concept car unveiled at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show was a creation of Fuore Design International, an independent design consultancy retained by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (FHI), makers of Subaru cars.

The Subaru B11S is a four door coupe concept developed to demonstrate Subaru's future design direction, and like most Subaru vehicles, the B11S uses an AWD system. However, in the B11S it is integrated with a 5-speed automatic transmission with VTD (variable torque distribution).

During normal driving conditions, this electronically controlled torque distribution system sends 35% of the torque to the front wheels, and 65% to the rear wheels. The VDT then optimally adjusts the torque distribution according to the road conditions to achieve a high degree of stability and yaw control.

The distinctive styling of the B11S, especially the grille, can be found on another Subaru concept, the B9 Scrambler. The rest of the car is quite unique, with plenty of intricate details covering almost every panel. However this attention to detail has left the concept looking rather cluttered, and the overall appearance is far from beautiful.

The Subaru B11S has a mild off-road look, accentuated by the wide arches and thick protective sills. The frosted glass roof is intended to convey a sense of space for the occupants, and its design was inspired by traditional Japanese umbrellas.

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Make Subaru
Model B11S
Concept Year 2003
Engine / Drivetrain -

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Subaru B11S

Subaru B11S

Subaru B11S

Subaru B11S interior

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