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Toyota CSS concept

Toyota CSS concept

Toyota CS&S interior
Make Toyota
Model CS&S
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine 1.5 litre 4 cyl + electric

The Toyota CS&S, (CS&S meaning Compact Sports and Specialty) from the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show, is a 4 wheel drive, mid engine 2+2 sports car.

The CS&S was powered by Toyota's Synergy Drive, a hybrid drive system employing an electric motor to drive the front wheels, and a 1.5 litre petrol and an electric motor driving the rear wheels.

The CS&S is an attractive open top vehicle with the ability to carry four passengers in style (rare for a hybrid vehicle).

The small back seats of the CS&S are hidden by the rear canopy when not in use, and the front seats can be used as a tonneau cover when the car is parked to keep the rain off, and thieves out.

The CS&S displayed advanced technologies in the interior by use of a system called 'Space Touch', which uses holographic projections to control various minor functions of the car, such as air con and lights.

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