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Toyota MTRC (Motor Triathlon Race Car)

Toyota MTRC (Motor Triathlon Race Car) side view

Toyota MTRC (Motor Triathlon Race Car)
Make Toyota
Model MTRC
Concept year 2004
Production year -
Engine Fuel cell

The Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car (MTRC), first seen at the 2004 Geneva International Motorshow, was Toyota's idea of a tandem two seat race car of the future.

The MTRC is powered by four electric motors, one per wheel. The electric power for these motors comes from a Toyota FC fuel cell stack. The Toyota MTRC is intended to compete in three different racing environments, hence the name Triathlon. The MTRC is capable off-road, on the race track and on city street circuits.

The MTRC's striking toy-like appearance is accentuated by a large semicircular front air dam and a large arced spoiler curving over the rear of the car. The central mounted tail light is in the shape of the Toyota badge and hints to an F1 influence.

The scissor style doors open upwards and forwards maintaining the MTRC's slender body shape even when open.

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