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Volkswagen Amarok GT3 Concept

The Volkswagen Amarok is a mid-size pickup truck which features a traditional body-on-frame construction and can be bought in either single cab or double cab configurations, it comes with either RWD or AWD drivetrains.

The name Amarok means "Wolf" in the Inuit language, which is fitting, especially for the Volkswagen Amarok GT3 concept developed by Viztech in Sweden. The Amarok GT3 is a proposal for a high-performance racing machine based on the Amarok's double cab model.

The outrageous design features all the racing equipment you'd expect from a GT3 machine, including a full rollcage, center-lock racing wheels, numerous additional air intakes, diffusers, spoilers and a racing fuel filler. Not to mention the significantly larger wheel arches and flush tonneau cover.

It's unclear whether the Volkswagen Amarok GT3 would use a drivetrain based on one used in the commercially available model, or whether it would be a scratch-built custom driveline.

Make Volkswagen
Model Amarok GT3
Concept Year 2015
Engine / Drivetrain -

Image Gallery

Volkswagen Amarok GT3 Concept

Volkswagen Amarok GT3 Concept

Volkswagen Amarok GT3 Concept

Volkswagen Amarok GT3 Concept

Volkswagen Amarok GT3 Concept

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