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Mercedes F 300 Life Jet

Mercedes F 300 Life Jet

Mercedes F 300 Life Jet

Mercedes F 300 Life Jet

The Mercedes F 300 Life-Jet was first shown back in 1997 at the 57th Frankfurt International Motor Show. The Life-Jet incorporates an active tilt control system allowing the front wheels and body of the tandem two-seater to lean into corners. This means the F 300 Life-Jet can attain cornering speeds similar to those of a motorbike.

The active tilt control also increases the overall ride comfort for the passengers by moving the cornering forces to a central, vertical axis, rather than a sideways force. As well as looking like great fun.

A complicated electronic system monitors the F 300 Life-Jet's speed, acceleration, cornering angle and yaw. From this information commands are given to a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the front axle which forces one of the two spring loaded struts outwards to produce the desired degree of tilt. The maximum lean angle is 30 degrees.

The F 300 Life-Jet's compact engine and transmission, taken from the Mercedes A-Class, are located between the interior compartment and the rear wheel.

This powerplant is capable of accelerating the F 300 Life-Jet to 60 mph in just 7.7 seconds, continuing onto a maximum speed of 130mph.

Unfortunately the F 300 Life-Jet remains a concept, however the wheel-tilt technology from the concept found its way into another Mercedes concept the Mercedes F-400 Carving.

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