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As far as automotive manufacturers go Toyota is by far the most interested in the idea of personal transportation devices. Over the past few years they have revealed a range of futuristic concept vehicles designed to transport people in a variety of unique ways.

The Toyota Winglet concept, like the Toyota i-Real, Toyota PM, Toyota i-unit, Toyota i-foot and i-swing, is a bizarre device for personal transportation.

Taking its cue from the clever Segway Human Transporter, the Toyota Winglet is a two-wheeled vehicle which uses a gyroscopic system to keep itself (and the occupant) from falling over.

The Toyota Winglet consists of a body (with a projected area the size of an A3 sheet of paper) that houses an electric motor, two wheels and internal sensors that constantly monitor the user's position and make adjustments in power to ensure stability. Meanwhile, a parallel link mechanism allows the rider to go forward, backward and turn simply by shifting body weight.

Three different versions of the Toyota Winglet concept have been created for evaluation, with an eye for future production. The three Winglet models currently undergoing testing are the "S", "M", and "L". The performance of the three Winglet models is identical. The only difference is the height of the center section which is used for supporting the "driver". The Winglet "S" model is the shortest, at 462 mm (18.1 inches), and requires the most skill to operate due to its hands-free operation. The "M" is the intermediate model, standing at 680 mm (26.7 inches), the "M" is also hands-free. The "L" is the tallest model at 1,130 mm (44.5 inches), it features a full-height handlebar for added stability for the rider.

The maximum cruising speed of the Toyota Winglet is 3.7 mph (6km/h). And on a full charge - which takes only 1 hour, the Toyota Winglet can travel up to 6.2 miles (10km).

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