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Amp Hog electric motorcycle

The Amp Hog is an electric motorcycle which was developed by Robert Lange, the same guy who created the Balanced- Over-Batteries electric car.

The imaginatively named Amp Hog was hand made, using mainly hand tools. The only machines used during the construction process was a drill press, saber saw, and router.

The Amp Hog's drivetrain consists of a Lemco "Lynch" LEM200 electric motor which normally produces 10hp during cruising but can deliver bursts of up to 36hp during acceleration. The transmission is a single-speed direct chain drive unit. All this is mounted in a custom built chassis formed from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade alumium. The front end and rear wheel come courtesy of a scrapped Honda CR125.

The heaviest elements of the drivetrain, like batteries and motor, are mounted low in the frame to reduce the center of gravity and improve handling. Total weight for the Amp Hog is 260 lbs (118 kgs).

The Amp Hog's best time in the 1/4 mile was 16.643 @ 69mph... Not bad when you consider that all the power comes from 6 small motorcycle batteries.

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Amp Hog electric motorcycle

Amp Hog electric motorcycle
Amp Hog electric motorcycle

Amp Hog electric motorcycle

Amp Hog electric motorcycle

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