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Bendix Model J

Bendix Model J

The Bendix Model J was a strange looking coaxial helicopter designed by Bendix Helicopters Inc. in the mid-1940s, just as the Second World War was ending. The aircraft's designer was Charles L. Morris a former Sikorsky test pilot.

The Bendix Model J was marked out by the lack of a tail boom and tail rotor. Instead to keep the helicopter from spinning out of control, the Model J used two large coaxial rotors which spun in opposite directions to cancel out each others torque.

Two prototypes were built to a US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics specification. The fuselage had space for four occupants and also housed the Pratt and Whitney R985 Wasp Jr. B-4 engine. The Model J had a top speed of 110 mph and weighed in at 4,500 lbs (2,041 kgs).

Bendix Model J

The Bendix Model J failed to impress the US Navy and no orders were placed.

Bendix Helicopters was founded by Vincent Bendix, a prolific inventor who created products ranging from automotive parts to land mine detection kits for the US Army. Prior to starting Bendix Helicopters, Vincent Bendix had previously started the Bendix Aviation Corporation, a company that went on to become part of the BendixKing company still selling avionics to this day. Sadly Bendix Helicopters was less successful, and the company was closed down in 1949.

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Bendix Model J

Bendix Model J Bendix Model J
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