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Bombardier Embrio Concept

Bombardier Embrio Concept

The Embrio concept from Bombadier Recreational Products (better known for their more conventional forms of transport like jetskis) uses gyroscopic technology to balance itself and the rider on one central wheel. The smaller front wheel acts to stabilize the Embrio when stopped or traveling below 12mph.

The Bombadier Embrio was designed as an insight into the future of transport circa 2025. Bombadier drew on its experience with recreational vehicles when it came to design of the Embrio and it is intended for people who enjoy transport, this is evident in the styling and the necessity to lean into turns similar in a similar manner to a motorcyle rider.

The Bombadier Embrio is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell emitting only water as a by product driving an electric motor powering the main wheel.

Control of the Embrio is facilitated by a trigger control on the left handlebar for acceleration, and a trigger on the right for braking.

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