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A fictional news report showing the C.R.A.B. Robot on a rampage during its first ever outing.
CRAB robot

CRAB robot

CRAB robot

CRAB Police robot

The CRAB Robot is an insanely well crafted piece of conceptual futuristic 3D design which was produced by Jamie Martin - the same guy who created the Cobra Venom V8, SHC hatchback concept, and the award winning London Navigator bus concept.

For the concept Jamie has created a fictional, yet compelling back story which explains how and why the droid came about, and perhaps more interestingly, what happened after it hit the streets. Here's the storyline:

The CRAB, short for Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade, is a product of Dalton/Stanley - a fictional weapons and armaments company who specialize in cutting edge products, and Omni Consumer Products - a giant (and probably evil) megacorporation.

Developed in secret over many years, the C.R.A.B. was designed to revolutionize policing, starting with the streets of London. Although later models were to be designed with the military in mind. Its six independent legs meant it could traverse almost any terrain easily and quickly.

The CRAB featured all the latest technology of the future, including advanced armor and armaments, gas and smoke screen capabilities, and it's artificial intelligence was supposed to distinguish between friend and foe...

Unfortunately it malfunctioned on its first ever public outing. You can see the robot having a meltdown in the outstanding 'rampage' animation created by the designer.

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Source: Jamie Martin Design

All images and video used with the permission of Jamie Martin. All images and video © Jamie Martin.

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