Fairey Battle T

Fairey Battle T

The Fairey Battle T was the trainer version of the Fairey Battle, a single-engined light bomber built in the late 1930s by the Fairey Aviation Company for the Royal Air Force.

The Fairey Battle was brought in to replace the ageing Hawker Hart and Hind biplanes, however the fast pace of aircraft development during the second world war meant the Fairey Battle was out-classed almost before it entered service. The aircraft type suffered heavy losses due to its poor defensive armament, slow speed, and lack of any armor for the cockpit or self-sealing fuel tanks.

Yet despite its lack of performance, a Fairey Battle has the distinction of being the first RAF aircraft to score an aerial victory over an axis aircraft when rear gunner Sgt. F. Letchard shot down a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 over France.

Fairey Battle T

Because of the devastating losses being suffered by RAF squadrons operating the Fairey Battle, often with 50% casualty rates per mission, the aircraft was pulled back from frontline service by mid-1940, and instead it was used for coastal patrol missions.

Another role for which the aircraft was suited as a testbed for new engines, and it also proved to be a valuable trainer aircraft - resulting in the slightly odd-looking, dual-cockpit, Fairey Battle T, and as a turret-gunner trainer in the form of the Battle IT.

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Fairey Battle T

Fairey Battle T
Fairey Battle T

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