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Fiat 7002 Helicopter

Fiat 7002 Helicopter

The Fiat 7002 was a prototype helicopter built by Fiat Aviazione in the 1960s. At the time Fiat Aviazione was a division of the the automotive-producing Fiat Group. Founded in 1908 Fiat Aviazione was best known for building fighter aircraft until its merger in 1969 with Aerfer, and its subsequent renaming.

The Fiat 7002 was a medium-capacity, multi-use military helicopter. It was concieved more for passenger transport and general-purpose duties rather than as a combat aircraft. It had dual controls in the cockpit for the two pilots, and seating for five passengers in the back.

Despite its odd-ball shape, the Fiat 7002 was a fairly basic design. A two-blade main rotor was mounted above the fuselage, and at the rear a small boom held the tail rotor in place.

Fiat 7002 Helicopter

The main rotor of the Fiat 7002 was of the "cold jet" type, and was turned by ejecting compressed air, without any form of combustion, from nozzles at the blade-tips. The compressed air was provided by a Fiat 4700 turbogenerator. A small ducted tail rotor - which was mechanically-driven from the main rotor provided rotational maneuverability.

The fuselage of the Fiat 7002 was constructed using lightweight metal alloy sheets. The cabin was split into three compartments. Up front there was space for the two pilots, in the center was the passenger/cargo area, and at the rear was space for the Fiat 4700 turbogenerator. The fuel tanks were located above the cabin.

The helicopter had a top speed of 106 mph and a range of 190 miles.

The Fiat 7002 first flew on January 26, 1961. However despite proving airworthy, the project was abandoned early on. No production aircraft were ever ordered or built.

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Fiat 7002 Helicopter

Fiat 7002 Helicopter

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