Hiele TRIVEK Tricycle

Hiele TRIVEK Tricycle

The TRIVEK is a recumbent tricycle built by a fresh young company based in Perth, Australia, called Hiele. The trike is said to offer a number of benefits over its rivals, including superior safety, comfort, maneuverability and portability.

The Hiele TRIVEK tricycle features better visibility for the rider thanks to its more upright seating position. But the higher riding position hasn't compromised stability, as the patented steering system is designed to provide a good balance of stability and agility, thanks in part to the polymer steering pivots. The system is also adjustable on the fly, allowing the rider to adjust the steering sensitivity while on the move.

The front wheel-drive TRIVEK also features a novel dual lean-steering system which allows the trike and rider to lean into corners like a conventional two-wheel bike.

The final trick up the TRIVEK's sleeve is the fact it has been designed and engineered to be easy to transport and store. The frame has been sized to fit most bicycle racks, and the wheels feature quick release pins and the seat back is removable for storage or transport.

Hiele was founded in 2013 by bicycle and tricycle enthusiasts who wanted to build something special. They started building bikes for themselves but now they're putting them into production for everyone to enjoy.

The project has just launched on Kickstarter, and the estimated starting price for the trike is $1,899 USD.

Source: Hiele
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Hiele TRIVEK Tricycle

Hiele TRIVEK Tricycle

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