Hov Pod, the hassle-free Hovercraft

Hov Pod Hovercraft

Hovercraft, while versatile and practically unstoppable, are known for their unpredictable handling and user unfriendly maintenance requirements. The Hov Pod attempts to rectify this and make hovercrafting accessible to the everyday person.

While its highly unlikely anyone will buy a Hov Pod to do their weekly shopping, the vehicle is far more practical and much easier to operate than anything before. Training takes only around 15 minutes after which most people are sufficiently skilled to safely maneuver the craft on either land or water.

Billed as a recreation vehicle, the Hov Pod hovercraft fights for sales against the likes of small speed boats and jetskis, but with the added feature of dune buggy abilities.

The three seater Hov Pod is powered by a 52 horsepower two-cylinder Hirth 2-Stroke engine. This gives the craft a top speed of 40 mph, although it is more comfortable cruising along at 20 mph. The passengers are seated in a motorcycle position, with steering and speed controlled by a jetski-style handlebar and twist grip throttle.

Maintenance and upkeep of the Hov Pod is far more simple than other hovercraft. Its construction, and the low mounted engine means it is far less susceptible to tipping (a problem with some smaller hovercraft). IT is also positively buoyant, allowing it to safely stop on water.

Another benefit to the Hov Pod is its air skirt construction. It's made from 65 different segments, so any damage sustained is limited to that area, and only that section need be replaced, saving considerable money. Additionally the Hov Pods underside is protected with aluminium runners and aluminium and Kevlar impact sheets, preventing any damage due to running, or landing, on hard surfaces.

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Hov Pod hovercraft

Hov Pod hovercraft

Hov Pod hovercraft

Hov Pod hovercraft

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