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Northrop N-9M

Northrop N-9M

Northrop N-9M

The Northrop N-9M was a 'flying wing' design developed by Jack Northrop. The N-9M was a development of the N-1M which was a privately funded research aircraft.

By 1940 Northrop had managed to persuade the US defense department to commission a 1/3rd scale test bed for the B-35 flying wing bomber. This aircraft was the N-9M-1. In total four N-9M's were built, the N-9M-1, N-9M2, N-9M-A and N-9M-B. The first aircraft flew in December 1942 but was lost in a crash in 1943, tragically the pilot, Max Constant was killed.

The Northrop N-9M was consisted of a steel tube centre section which housed the pilot, however wood was used for a large part of the aircraft to reduce weight. Initially the aircraft was powered by two 290 hp Menasco C65-1 engines, driving two-bladed propellers. The N-9M-B later upgraded to 400 hp Franklin engines.

The Northrop N-9M proved useful in helping to train XB-35 and XB-49 pilots however once the US Army canceled the XB-35 program all but the final (N-9M-B) aircraft were scrapped.

The N-9M-B currently resides in the Chino Planes of Fame Air Museum.

Images of the Northrop N-9M-B by Bernardo Malfitano.

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