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The first Honda NR750 was an endurance racer at Le Mans in 1987. The bike failed to finish, but during its time on track it proved to be extremely fast, and had the added advantage of a useful wide powerband. The race version weighed in at just 145kg and the remarkable engine made 150hp.

Honda NR750 oval piston
The road-going version of the Honda NR750 which appeared afterward was a superbike well ahead of its time, and only around 200 NR750's were ever manufactured.

The complex engine used unique oval pistons in a V-four layout, and in each of the NR750's cylinders were two conrods, four inlet valves, four exhaust valves, two spark plugs and two fuel injectors.

The Honda NR750's chassis featured a single sided swingarm and upside-down forks.
Honda's forward thinking design team gave the NR750 a range of groundbreaking styling features including, front indicators integrated into mirrors, twin exposed side mounted radiators, underseat exhaust and a louvered swooping fairing constructed from carbon fiber with a one piece tail unit. The rider was protected from the wind by a titanium tinted windscreen.

The NR750 Also featured a digital dash display coupled with more common analog clocks beneath.

A tuned and much lightened NR750 broke several speed records including the flying kilometer, flying mile, standing start mile and 10km record.

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Year of specifications 1992
Engine 748 cc, V-four
Transmission 6-speed, chain
Max speed 160 mph
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 125 hp @ 14,000 rpm
weight 223 kg / 492 lb
Seat height -

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Honda NR750

Honda NR750

Honda NR750 dash

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