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The Aprilia Atlantic 500 is a large scooter which is practical, roomy and plenty powerful.

Powering the Aprilia Atlantic 500 is a Piaggio-built 460cc engine which provides 39 horsepower. Enough for highways, and more than adequate for rapid accelaration around town.

The scooter benefits from a well built frame and a suspension setup which offers a good mix of comfort and handling.

Year of specifications 2002 - 2006
Engine 459 cc single cyl 4 stroke
Transmission auto / belt drive
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 39 hp @ 7250 rpm
weight -
Seat height 770 mm / 30.3 inches

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Review by: Anon
I bought my Aprilia Atlantic 500 brand new in 2004. It's now six years old and with proper maintenance it's been reasonably trouble free. But when things have needed to be fixed it's quite expensive and some of the parts have taken a while to get delivered. Dodgy electrics seem to be the main problem with this scooter. Also I've heard of other owners having some persistent troubles with the bike.

I do like the Atlantic 500's handling and speed, as a bonus it's also quite economical on fuel despite the performance.

It's got a nice high riding position, which is great because you're not all hunched up like a wizened old man. There's definitely room to stretch out.

The automatic twist-and-go transmission is nice. And compared to past bikes I've had with a clutch, it makes town riding a lot more stress free and easy.

The Aprilia Atlantic 500 is surprisingly heavy. But then again considering the size it's not too bad for a Maxi-scooter. Maybe a bit lardy though.

I probably won't buy another one. But that's mainly because I'd like to try something different. But as a comfortable, fast scooter the Aprilia Atlantic 500 is definitely worth a test drive.

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