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Brammo Empulse

Brammo Empulse

Brammo Empulse

Brammo Empulse

Brammo Empulse

Year of specifications 2010
Engine liquid cooled AC motor
Transmission single speed, chain
Top speed 100 +mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 55 hp
Weight 176 kg / 390 lbs
Seat height -

Electric powered motorbikes have been on the rise for a few years now, and zero emission race series like the TTXGP have helped speed up both battery and motor development significantly.

Brammo are one of the big players in the world of electric motorbikes, their first product being the Brammo Enertia, but now they've significantly upped the ante with this, the Brammo Empulse.

The Empulse is far more similar in appearance to conventional powered naked sport bikes than the Enertia is. In fact at first glance it's not obvious this is an electric bike at all. But when you start looking towards where the engine usually resides, your eyes are met with a big slab of batteries, glance further back, and where the transmission normally sits is a great big electric motor.

It's only just recently that electric bikes are starting to be taken seriously. Before that they were seen more as pointless and expensive scooters for wealthy hippies. But now that battery and motor technology has improved significantly, they can offer similar performance to a conventional bike, and also provide a usable range which will satisfy most commuter and weekend sport riders.

Cost was also a big factor for electric bikes as they are generally significantly more expensive than internal combustion engine powered machines. But thanks to significant government tax breaks for electric vehicles that's changed too. Electric bikes now make sense.

The Brammo Empulse is powered by a 55 horsepower engine - granted that's not a massive number, but it also develops 58 lb-ft of torque from zero rpm - and that's quite good! Top speed of the bike is in excess of 100 mph, and it'll outpace almost anything on four wheels getting there.

Brammo are offering the Empulse in three different versions, the only difference between the three is the battery pack. Spend more money and you can go further:

Empulse 6.0 = 60 mile average range
Empulse 8.0 = 80 mile average range
Empulse 10.0 = 100 mile average range

Brammo also say that these numbers can be increased if you ride it sensibly. 130 miles is possible with the top model when you take it easy.

Aside from its electric drivetrain the rest of the Brammo Empulse is pretty normal. There's a twin spar aluminium frame, conventional front forks, a rear monoshock suspension setup and a standard swingarm.

The appearance of the Brammo Empulse will change a little bit along the way as these images are of a pre-production test model. But the general proportions and overall style of the bike will be pretty similar.

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