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        Brudeli 625L

        Brudeli 625L

        Brudeli 625L

        Brudeli 625L

Year of specifications 2006 (2007 production)
Engine 625 cc, single cylinder
Transmission 5-speed, chain
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 32 hp @ 6000 rpm (est)
Weight 227 kg / 500 lbs
Seat height 860 mm / 33.8 inches

The Brudeli 625L Leanster is a product of Norwegian company BrudeliTech. The 3-wheel Brudeli 625L prototype is based on a KTM 625 SMC Supermotard with many of the billet machined parts specifically designed for the vehicle using 3D computer aided design.

Work started on the Brudeli 625L in 2001 When its inventor, Geir Brudeli, finished his Master of Science degree and set up his own company with the goal of producing a vehicle placed somewhere between a car and a motorcycle. By February 2003 the first prototype was ready for testing. Based on Polaris Trail Blazer ATV the initial testing concentrated on refining the tilting mechanism - the defining feature of the Brudeli 625L, and therefore essential that it work effectively.

The second prototype (pictured) was shorter, the tilting angle wider, and it featured a distinctive and attractive design by Hareide Designmill.

Currently BrudeliTech is working on creating the first production vehicles due for delivery in 2007. Intended for both on and off-road use, BrudeliTech intends to get the 625L Leanster approved for legal European road use, in fact it is already road legal in Scandinavia.

The BrudeliTech Brudeli 625L features:
- Suspension by Ohlins
- Perimeter disk brakes by ISR
- Custom made Billet A-arms

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