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Aprilia Magnet concept motorbike

Aprilia Magnet concept motorbike

Aprilia Magnet concept motorbike
Make Aprilia
Model Magnet
Concept year 2004
Production year -
Engine hybrid

The Aprilia Magnet concept was the Transport Design Degree project of Heikki Naulapää, a 2004 student of the Royal College of Art.

The Magnet concentrates on creating an intense sensation for the rider
The Aprilia Magnet concept is based around the idea of rider sensation. Naulapää wanted to create a vehicle which offered a new kind of experience while riding. With the Magnet concept he mixed the leaning characteristics associated with motorbikes, with a formula 1 style driving position and small sports car feeling with instruments and "being half-inside".

The primary power source for the Aprilia Magnet concept is a 550cc combustion engine, with drive to the wheels provided by in-wheel electric motors (including magnets, where the name comes from). There is also an additional battery, which gives the Magnet extra power for rapid acceleration. The rider can also switch off the combustion engine for a more subdued and silent riding experience.

The Aprilia Magnet features a tilting mechanism which allows the concept to lean into corners like a motorbike. Other novel ideas featured on the Magnet concept include; brake lights in the helmet for improved visibility, a hidden pillion seat under a removable cover, and side panels with adjustable transparency which the rider can alter depending on the required riding sensation.

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