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Buell XB12 Ulysses

Year of specifications 2005
Engine 1203 cc, V-twin
Transmission 5-speed, belt
Top speed -
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 87 hp @ 6700 rpm
Weight 192 kg / 425 lbs
Seat height 840 mm / 33.1" (with 82 kg (180 lb) rider)

The Buell XB12 Ulysses is an all-road touring version of the popular XB12s Lightning.
The XB12 Ulysses has a 50mm longer wheelbase and sits 60 mm higher than the road going Lightning. Benefiting from high, wide bars, the obvious styling differences on the XB12 Ulysses include a new headlight assembly with built in light guards, a higher, BMW R1200GS-like, front mudguard, a rear luggage rack, hand protectors and a textured seat for more grip.
The XB12 Ulysses will also be available with a handy integrated GPS system.

A short article on Buell's radical engineering.


Review by: Andre du Plessis:
I own a Buell Ulysses. My first "Harley" after having owned over 30 Superbikes , BMW's and 32 years of riding.
One word: Awesome! Loads of torque (110 Nm) and good handling. A bike with attitude. Great for unpaved roads too, but don't try to "Scramble" or do 360s on it... Just nice laid back dirt riding on sandy/gravel roads at around 65mph (110kp/h) is great! Fast.... gets to 100mph (160kp/h) in a flash, and revs at 4000rpm while doing (85mph) 140kp/h touring on the open road. A real crowd puller too!

I LOVE my Buell!

Review by: Anonymous:

Just a correction -- it's listed as 87 hp, but it puts out over 100.

That is all.

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