Buell, the motorcycle innovators

Fuel carried in the frame, low slung mass centralised silencer, rim mounted discs, belt drive. It could be a concept bike due out 10 years from now, but actually you can find these unique engineering solutions on almost every Buell motorcycle since 2000.

Buell uses three main overriding principles when designing their bikes:

Mass centralisation - positioning all the heavy, bulky components like the engine, transmission, silencer etc. as close to the center of gravity and low as possible.

Torsional rigidity - This involves making the frame highly resistant to flex and twisting forces and keeping the wheels directly inline at all times, even during the most aggressive riding.

Minimal unsprung weight - Keeping the brakes and wheels as light as possible to reduce unsprung weight. unsprung weight governs the inertia of suspension components, affecting their ability to respond to bumps and changes in direction or road surface. High unsprung weight has a negative effect on overall handling ability, especially on imperfect surfaces, like a road.

Buell Fuel in the frameThese guiding principles have resulted in the fuel being carried in the frame to get the weight as low and centered as possible. A high up conventional fuel tank has a negative effect on handling when full as it raises the center of gravity considerably.

Buell silencerThe silencer on all modern Buell's is a triangular affair located directly underneath the engine, the lowest possible position. It's curved triangular shape prevents it from suffering scrape damage during high speed cornering.

Buell rim mounted brakes The rim mounted discs reduce the unsprung weight of the front wheel by 3.2 kgs (7 lbs) when compared to quality dual disc setups.

Buell belt with tensionerMost sport bikes rely on a chain (which requires regular maintenance) for final drive from the gearbox to the rear wheel. Buell bikes use a belt which runs over an idler pulley, this keeps the belt taught at all times (low maintenance) meaning power is transferred instantaneously to the rear wheel. (Highlighted)

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