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The Suzuki M109R engine is a 1783cc, 4-valve DOHC, 54 degree, liquid-cooled, fuel injected V-twin unit which Suzuki has optimised for throttle response and acceleration.

A unique two-stage cam drive system creates a compact cylinder head and overall engine height allowing for a a lower center of gravity.

The 2-into1-into2 stainless steel chrome plated exhaust system features Suzuki's own digitally controlled exhaust tuning system for optimum engine performance and v-twin sound.

The Suzuki M109R features an LED taillight and rev counter, radial brake calipers and an analogue speedo integrated into the fuel tank.

All this is attached to a high-tensile double cradle steel frame. The M109R is a good looking modern cruiser, without too many of the gimmicky looks or features often found on contemporary machines.

Year of specifications 2006 -
Engine 1783 cc 4 stroke V-twin
Transmission 5-speed shaft
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 127 hp @ 6200 rpm
weight 315 kgs / 695 lbs
Seat height 700 mm / 27.6 inches

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Suzuki M109R

Suzuki M109R dash

Suzuki M109R rear view

Review by: Otto
HULLO, (again!), some 7000+km later! This bike is (to the eyes of this beholder) QUITE BEAUTIFUL, in that it satisfies all the expectations one might have in riding it, as well as giving you more than a fair measure of "Road Presence" which others seem to enjoy looking at very much. I'd say all other riders, apart from HD owners, appreciate what this M109 has to offer!
OK, clunky 1st to 2nd? Not necessarily so Professor!

Here's a FREE LESSON! Adjust cable properly.
When cold, pull in the clutch +1sec before engaging 1st. (SNICK!) Use moderate revs to move into 2nd. Smooth as, EVERYTIME! The rest is TECHNIQUE and experience. There is NEVER a false or difficult to find neutral. You have to sense when to change (with min load on the BG, and this means TIMING & TOUCH!)

"Jerky throttle?"....HAVE the cable ADJUSTED! It's actually VERY PRECISE and SENSITIVE, to the extent that with very small throttle openings, say going up a steep incline, on a wet/slipery road, it maintains the MOST sensitive and stable metering which enables you to keep maximum contact with your rear contact patch.

This is NOT a cafe-racer, but an arm wrenching MUSCLE CRUISER with sporting DNA. So don't try to ride it like an R1....!

Oil check? Somewhat clumsy and best left to the SERVICE unless you REALLY redline your machine in every gear every day. Then, you ought to do yourself a favour and buy/ride something else like the Hayabusa/B-King/GSX1400!
If you are into powerful performance with GRACE, the M109 has few equals. It is a superb machine.

Review by: Otto
2000+km from day ONE and ALL is WELL! In fact, BRILLIANT! After the 1st service the bike is even smoother and more responsive and READY to PLAY! If you have to ask "Why did you buy this bike?" then this is not for you. If you have seen this bike and your jaw dropped, read on! The M109R 2009 LE Edition is formidable, benign and very exciting to ride. Even power riders from other bikes succumb to it's unique and endearing qualities (and say they love it!). These are: EASE of USE both in traffic and on any road bar an unsealed goat's track. Great comfort for whole-day-rides, beautiful and attractive styling, great SOUND even with OEM standard pipes, TORQUE and POWER delivery which few can match (let alone exceed), nimble and smooth under all riding conditions. Gearbox requires TECHNIQUE especially from cold and especially when NEW. great brakes and unbeatable all-round package. Have I left anything out? Yes, under strong sunlight, the Tach and Speedo is hard to read. The fuel (bar) indicators can be more accurate and easier to read when on the move. Also, checking the oil level might take a few minutes. That's IT! EVERYONE loves this bike except those with an agenda against "cruisers" of any kind. People of ALL ages come up and start chatting... grandmothers, grandads, mums, dads, kids... this bike literally stops people in their tracks. A very commendable achievement by Suzuki. This is one genuinely AWESOME machine that you never want to stop riding. Otto

Review by: Ed F.
In summer of 2006 I started shopping for a new motorcycle after not riding for over 25 years. I looked at sport bikes, cruisers and everything in-between. I didn't want to get a crotch rocket because of the riding position, although I love the handling and speed they produce. I then came across a picture of a M109 and it grabbed my attention quickly.

Here was a bike with an unusual design with what I describe as somewhere between a sport bike and a cruiser. Its looks were unique and eye catching, nothing like anything I've seen before. Then when I started reading about the power and torque, the shaft drive and the racing technology Suzuki built into the engine, I had to have one! There were no dealers around in my town or close by that had one I could ride (demo), and a dealer that did have one far south of me wasn't allowing demo rides on the only one they had in stock. It was silver and that happen to be the color I decided I wanted to buy, so I had a friend drive me 4 hours south to Tucson AZ to purchase it, even though I never drove one. You can imagine what it felt like to drive this incredibly powerful cruiser after not being on any motorcycle for over 25 years, incredibly awesome!

The dealer had it all prepped for me and when I drove out of the dealership I was a little apprehensive of driving such a big bike, but within 15 minutes it was like I had never stopped riding over all those years. The 109 was easy to handle, was well balanced and not too heavy at stop lights, I could feel the low center of gravity the reviews talked about. While driving 4 hours to get home I kept the throttle pretty moderate with just a few quick acceleration moments, wow did this thing have power and speed on demand! To say the obvious, I fell in love with this bike and any negatives some reviewers have mentioned all fade away when you get used of operating this fine machine.

I kept the bike for two years and got the itch to trade it in on something new, you could say that's something I've always done with most of my vehicles over the years. After reading a number of reviews and getting excited about the new 2008 Kawasaki ZX-14 (rocket), I decided to go against my better judgment and traded my M109 in for one. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this two wheel machine with space shuttle solid rockets boosters attached to it, but of course it isn't anywhere near as comfortable as the 109. Comfort aside, when I hit the throttle on the ZX-14 my adrenaline flows like nothing I've ever driven, it is breath taking!

Well, it only took a month without my 109 to realized I loved its all around capability and comfort and I was eager to get another. I had an old friend who also bought a 2007 M109 (black) shortly after I bought mine and because of a health problem (vertigo) he couldn't ride it anymore. It only had 1000 miles on it and had been sitting for well over a year covered in his garage. He started it up every few weeks to charge the battery and keep the engine lubricated. I called him up and began negotiating, we came to an agreement and I was back in the saddle with an almost brand new M109! I still have the ZX-14 also and switch back and forth depending on the distance I'll be riding. For around town and small trips I love the ZX, but for all day rides the 109 is the best cycle on the road if you desire comfort, power and speed all in one bike!

The style and look is modern and sleek, the power is awesome and the ride is comfortable, what more can you ask for in one motorcycle? It is not a kid's bike!

Ed F.
EFE M109
Prescott, AZ

Review by: Peter Rebbechi
I have owned many bikes in the last 30 yrs. I can't ride sports bikes anymore due to a few leg injuries that mean I cant bend my legs like I used to. I also use my bike to commute every day in traffic, as well as some R and R. I was concerned that the M109R would be too wide to filter or lane split. 1800 cc is probably not the normal commuters bike! After 6 weeks, and 3000 klms, I can tell you the 109 will serve well as the only bike you own. My morning commute is a breeze, and the low center of gravity makes it easy to ride between the cars at 10 kmh, 20 kmh, or 200 kmh. Fuel consumption is ok, and you can get over 250 kms from a tank if you take it easy. In traffic, I get 230kms from a tank in commuting mode. On a weekend blast, 160kms from a tank is std if you give it heaps. 260kms if you take it easy on a longer ride.

I Have managed to do a few 600km days so far, and the seat is ok for me. No probs with power, or handling, but a warning for new owners. You will come to the attention of the police, as the acceleration and speed is addictive. Very addictive. My commute takes me 45 mins in the car, 15-18 minutes on the M109R, and once, under 10 minutes when I threw caution completely to the wind and went nuts. Had to give myself a stern talking to after that, as it was perhaps a little irresponsible. Handling is fine, but the rear tyre take some getting used to before you trust it when grinding the pegs. Almost every M109R rider I have met has no sliders left, and the pegs are starting to grind as well. But do this, and you can outcorner pretender sportsbike riders around any corner. The low speed throttle can be fixed with a JSD unit, and time in the saddle. What you don't get used to is the attention from the public. A group of 7 of us was waved and cheered off from a diner on our last ride. You wont get that with the most exotic Ducati! It is a well designed bike, with purpose in mind. Even that big bucket headlight acts as a fairing at high speed. Buffeting doesnt occur until stupid speeds are reached. Try it - ride it and buy it!

Review by: Budo
It's a sunny day at a Suzuki Boulevard promotion and the opportunity to ride the new M109R. By the time my name comes up, I've been seeing the silly grins of the previous riders as they come back and am starting to feel a little apprehensive. The dealer, a friend, directs me to a back road and suggests: "give it death!"...As if would!..Moi?.

It's not as beefy to get off the side stand as I expect, and easy enough to get rolling, but I'm finding the throttle touchy and difficult to keep between 'power on' and 'engine braking' as I roll through town. My '04 Kawasaki Mean Streak is a bit stuttery in this zone at low speeds, but the M109R is worse (maybe because of the bigger torque and engine braking capacity).

First two gears are thumpers (bit grabby..I put this down to me not having a feel for the bike) 3rd (nothing in front of me?)...I give the throttle a healthy twist... HOLY S**T.. my 'Meany' never felt like this! The extra 243cc's make their presence felt ...WooHoo something is pulling the edges of my mouth towards my ears and and I am feeling for the back of the seat for support with my bum...I'm now looking for the longest circuit home. After a couple of careful corners I lean to about where 'Meany' would be scraping. No problems, very smooth. I could get used to this! Now starting to think 'trade' or 'two bikes'? I pull over to have a good look without the distraction of the crowd at the dealership.

Seat comfort is (just) OK, drag style bars are similar to the 'Meany' (don't know if I like them..a bit more of a reach than I find comfortable). The exhaust and mufflers are growing on me and are much better looking (and sounding) than Honda's VTX 1800! Brakes (maybe not as good as 'Meany's) but still plenty! Clean 18 inch rims are nice, and very easy to get at to clean.

From the front headlight shroud to the LED tail light, this bikes lines are STUNNING! By now I am feeling that I need a cooling off period and decide to find an even longer route home to think about it.

What are the negatives? The retro style speedo on the tank is hard to see in sunlight and low enough to be partially obscured by my helmet; it seems a tacky miss-match with the modern LCD tacho that is well placed for viewing. Rear brake lever is apparently adjustable, but on this bike is too low, too wide and too far back for me. It's hard to find a position on the peg without feeling my foot was about to slip off. A lot of noises I am not used to (I'll put them down to amplification in my new helmet!). When I've just about talked my self out of it, I grab another handful of throttle...Wooo!... who cares about the faults. I WANT THIS BIKE! Almost to town I decide to turn around and retrace my route. Where are those two long cop free straights?

Review by: Chuck Davis
I can't believe that a manufacturer as renowned as Suzuki would attempt to deliver a new bike such as the 2006 M109R with a problem identified in multiple reviews with the operation in 1st and 2nd gears. Can you imagine driving in stop and go freeway traffic on a bike that doesn't operate well in 1st and 2nd gears. It would be a nightmare! I, for one, will not consider purchasing one until the problem is fixed!

Review by: Perry Pridgen
The Suzuki M109R has 127 hp at 6200 rpm and 117.6 ft lbs of torque at 3200 rpm. It's a bit jerky when in first and second due to the low gear ratio for takeoffs, but is great the rest of the way. Great bike.

Review by: Cat
I couldn't agree more with budo (review 1), the M109R is a great looking bike with lots of power, but some definite disappointments regarding how smooth it was and a lot of vibration under acceleration. If the handle bars were three inches further back I could have forgiven some of it's other faults, but the seating position leaned a little to much toward cafe style rather than cruiser. Not what I was looking for I guess.

Review by: Budo
Since my first writing I have bought a 109 and done a couple of thousand Km on my present bike and the 109 demonstrator I was lent by the dealer till mine arrived.

My feelings have changed on a couple of issues... Gearing is fine (merely a 'getting used to' issue). I will be doing the JSD-3 timing mod to remove the retard in gears 1-3. Power is superb and the vibration under hard acceleration is just 'character' and lets you know you are on a twin not a multi-cylinder... I actually like it! H/Bar position is pretty good (I have rolled mine up a tad).

Speedo visibility is still just so-so, but okay, and I will do the mod putting the tacho inside the light shroud. I have moved the brake lever down a couple of splines for comfort.. (I still think it's too wide and/or sticks out too far). Seat is great, better than my first impression. And I've adjusted to the weight of the bike and am now throwing it around more confidently and am impressed with the handling.

Other intended mods, waiting for a Muzzy style 2-into-1 exhaust to be released and will do something to free up the air intake plus Power Commander... (soon adjusted to the grunt and would like more!). I will generally take my FJR out if I have a long trip or the weather looks sus. But for a ride to town or just to get the cobwebs cleared I grab the 109 every time. The 109 might not be the most practical of bikes, but I wont be trading it for anything less than the 200hp V Max prototype. If it ever eventuates.

In a nutshell... Superb bike... If you like the look of it, get one. You wont be disappointed!

Review by: Norm, Fallbrook, Ca.
I was going to have my 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa serviced when I saw the 2006 Suzuki M109R on the floor. The Hayabusa was traded in. And I drove off on the 109.

After 1,000 miles of riding the bike all I can say is that the rear brake lever is to far out for you to get your foot on the peg in a comfortable way, and the handlebars are a tad forward. But twist the throttle and you forget all about the little things. Had the bike just a few weeks now and I can say it handles very very well. A little jerking in 1st and 2nd, but that's just a case of getting used the throttle. What I did was put a little play in the throttle cable by using the adjustment for the cable.

I miss the 'busa for the topend. But the 109 will keep you planted in the seat in all gears. And while the bike weighs 700lbs - and me being all most 280lbs - it can still break that rear (240/40R) tire loose.

The only thing that sucks about the M109R is checking the oil. You have to let the bike run for 20 minutes, stop it, then let it sit for 3 minutes just to check the oil.

The day I bought it I put on about 80 miles. The next day I came out to go for a ride. Oil all down the left side of the bike, oil all over my drive way. I was bummed... Bought her back to the dealer here in Oceanside, Ca. and come to find out they over filled it by a quart or more??? Although I'd say more from the looks of it, and that's the dealer. So be very careful on checking the oil.

But if you like the 109's looks, buy it. You will soon fall in love all over again.. Thank You. Norm.

Review by: Country
I was one of the first to test the M109R and can say that it's not a bike for all riders. I have been riding for twenty plus years and have own all kinds of bikes. Harleys, Kawis ,Yamahas and many others. The M109R is a little low in first and second, and it's also made for a big rider - me being 6'4" and 250 lbs plus I found the bike to be smooth in the turns and in traffic it does very well. This is not a bike you take for a test drive and make your opinion. It takes time to get to know. I myself only had three days and 600 miles to test the bike, and I came to the conclusion that for me and anyone who has the time and the know how this bike is all you will ever want fast, great in the corner's and made for the big rider. I liked this ride so much that I'm now in the process of getting one for myself. So judge not unless you take the time to ride, then you'll come to the judgement that this bike has left nothing out and will only get better with time. Road time that is.

Review by: James
Concerning the M109R, It seems that some people have problems in first and second gear. You are either accelerating, or engine braking. Its just a touch you have to acquire. That is very typical of BIG v twins. The Honda has it, the Harleys have it, and the Vulcan 2000. If you are used to an inline motor, or a much smaller V-twin you will more than likely have those troubles until you devleop the touch for the bike. I own a 2006 M109R, I ride it daily, and I dont have those problems with first and second gear. The bike was not released with any problems, as it was also not released for beginners. The bike handles like it is on rails, has a lot more ground clearance than other cruisers, and the sport bike influence on this model is beautiful. I used to ride sportbikes, and never thought I would give them up, well, foot in mouth now, I have an M109R....

Review by: Steve Ramsey
I have to say I am extremely impressed with the M109R. I have owned many bikes over the years and just traded my 2000 GSXR 750 in for the M109R. I am not sorry one bit. The gearing takes a little to get used to in 1st and 2nd but once you do, no issues. The shudder a few talk about is all part of the program. It is part of it's soul and character. I love it. Power is awsome in all gears, the handling is fantastic and the looks are like no other. It screams at you standing still. I too would like to free up the intake when parts are available. I was going to change the exhaust and test rode one with a Cobra set up. But to be honest, the stock exhaust has a great tone and it is a two into one into two for good performance. I just may keep the original. I look forward to my daily ride to work and wish I could ride right past work each day. Awsome!!!!


Review by: Robert Hill
I just bought a 2006 Suzuki M109R last weekend. I chose to go with a silver '06 over the white '07 the dealer also had available. The '06 was also almost $2,000.00 cheaper than the '07, out the door at $10,899.00.

I have owned many bikes in the 28 years I have been riding, the latest 2 being a 1981 Honda CBX and a 1972 Suzuki GT750, 2 classics for sure. I have never owned a big bore V-twin type bike prior to this one. About 2 months earlier I had bought a '06 M50 for my wife, and after riding this decided to get the 109 for myself.

Having been a member of the for some time, I was prepared for the jerky throttle response in 1st and 2nd gear, and how easy it is to break that big tire loose. So I had no problems at all in this area. My dealer was aware of the oil over-fill problem, so this did not occur.

I now have 400 miles on it after one week and can only say I love it! Have not had a bike I enjoy so much in all my riding years. It is smooth, with just the perfect amount of vibration. It handles well and sounds excellent. Usually I change exhaust systems really quick after purchasing a bike. I do not plan to do that any time soon with this one. I may change out the air cleaners and add a computer re-programmer in the near future, but that is it for mods.

Label me one happy rider.

Robert Hill
Midwest City, OK.

Review by: Patrick
Two days ago I bought a 2007 Suzuki M109R. I have nothing but praise for this bike. My first bike was a 750 Honda Magna. It is a great bike and I thought I would never find anything that was a dependable and fun to ride as the Magna. The M109 will flat out fly!!! It handles well and the look is an instant conversation piece. I am mindful of the overfill on the oil. I have had no problem with 1st and 2nd that I can't attribute to getting to know the bike. Enjoy and keep it between the ditches!

Review by: Daniel
I have owned my Suzuki M109R for a couple of months now. While I agree that there are some flaws like first and second gear operation and the gearbox is a bit clunky, I have to say that I just had the 800 mile service and wow what a difference! The gear box has smothed out dramatically and operation in general is much much smoother.

I have tried to behave myself during break in but every once in a while I have grabbed a little more throtle than expected and... well I thought cruisers were supposed to be tame? I think the only way you are going to get a feeling like that is on a crotch rocket.

The only real complaint I have agains the M109R is the clutch has a monster pull. In traffic this can be slow torture. But suck it up, buy a handgrip excerciser and buy this bike. You won\'t be sorry!

Review by: Col
I've had my 2007 Suzuki M109R for two months and done 2300kms in that time. I'm 5'8" and the reach was just a bit far so I fitted 2 inch Kewl risers and it made it much better. The selection of first gear is a bit clunky and first into second thumps if you are powering on but with practise it is getting better. It's a top bike with plenty of power and performance. Definitely a keeper. After thirty years of riding I have never had a bike that gets so much attention and I spend much time talking about the bike when parked. I have debadged it and cut down the rear plate holder and relocated the signals. There are lots of possibilities to personalise this UNBELIEVABLE bike.

Review by: Mark Sahba
SUZUKI M109R VZR18002K6 - I went down to my local dealer looking for something to compliment my Suzuki Hayabusa. I ran into Norm from Fallbrook (see his review above) in the dealership's parking lot, he was admiring my chromed out 'Busa and I could not take my eyes off his M109R. I have never seen a bike that has such eye appeal-it made an immediate impression on me. The test ride clinched the deal. A redline much higher than any other cruiser I found plus an ability to handle the twisties. After checking out a couple of other cruisers, the Suzuki was hands down a winner, including value and pricing. Yes, the shift from first to second took a few days to master and that twitchy throttle adjusted out with a simple cable adjustment. My biggest concern is if anything is on your key ring, it slaps up against the plastic leaving marks. And I am still waiting for the aftermarket to make a performace exhaust that looks as great as the stock one! Rides to Julian to meet up with other bikers always leads to tons of compliments and questions about the fat-tired custom I am riding. Also, be prepared for lots of thumbs up at stop lights along the way. If you enjoy having fun, getting attention, and cruising with some performance, then this ride is for you. I am 6'2" and am very comfortable with the seating, pedal and handlebar locations. I have done some additional chroming and added some dealer options-leather saddle bags (a must as there is no storage space at all) along with a passenger backrest and crash bars. 8 months later and I still smile everytime I walk up to it!

Review by: Ctatyk X. Frost
After owning my 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109R for 6 months, I'd have to say that I've never been happier with a bike! I've been on bikes of one sort or another since I my 4th b'day. That was 32 years ago. I have yet to have any problems with the bike other than adjusting the rear brake a couple of splines forward, which was painless. For those who complain about the "clunkiness" of the 1st to 2nd shift, try doing power launches with any other bike and tell me that it's more fun than the "9"! If you have more fun doing that on another bike, you should get one of those. That's what it's all about. Who cares what bike you have? Just make sure that it's a bike that you can be proud of and have fun while riding!

I've never come across a bike that can do everything so well as the M109R. I even like the way that it handles at low speeds. It's so well balanced that it handles better than my '75 Honda 750 did.

Review by: Jeff
Iown a 2007 M109R and it's like the song Steve Tyler sang "sweet emotion". If you like attention you need one of your own, the bike has plenty of power, and handles great, I really don't know what other people feel when they ride their bike but I get pure excitement on this blue horse.

Review by: Dan
Just purchased an '07 Suzuki M109! Oh, what a bargain, purchased for $8,900 with only 346 miles on it. I guess I have to get the break in period over. Last bike I had was a Yamaha 750 and this thing is down right a Cadillac of Cadillacs. The shifting from 1st and 2nd take a bit to get used to but I'm mastering daily. The comfort is beautiful..This bike has power like no other! Only thing I didn't get was a owners manual so if anybody has one (pdf) I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, the owner only sold because he was moving to Texas and had to let it go. Believe you me he hated to see it go..

Steve (San Diego)

Review by: "J"
I own a beautiful red 2007 M109r. It is a fantastic bike and a blast to ride as well as being pretty comfortable too. I have owned and ridden sport bikes for the last 25 years but have not really enjoyed riding a bike like this since my '84 V65 Magna (now long gone). The M109 has great power, smooth handling and good brakes. Yes, there is a shudder in 1st and 2nd and at first you may experience some drive shaft lash until you learn how to shift down correctly but that goes away once you learn the bike. I do want to find an exhaust that retains the good looks but gives a bit more power and more noise. My only complaint is I have an annoying clunk noise coming from under the bike on rough roads, it sounds as if something is loose and banging away but I cannot seem to locate the source. Taking her in for her first service in a week or so then saving my money for the exhaust, PC3 and open her breathing up. Mods are a TRE, K&N air filters, luggage rack with sissy bar. Really love this machine!!!

"J" (Twentynine Palms, CA)

Review by: Ed R.
I am not sure why this bike is not getting more accolades from the press. In my long-time motoring opinion, a cruiser shouldn't be a lugging pig. Back in 1984 Honda had it right with the V65 Magna, and even with a few problems, it dominated for sheer power and even drivability. Then, Suzuki made the Madura. It held its own and even challenged the V65 and VMax. But, It was made for ONE YEAR? Why don't riders get the concept of the Power-cruiser?

This M109R will lope along for 1000's of miles (yes, we do 600 + miles a day...) but will blast up the canyons we have here in Utah. Fully loaded with a passenger, there is nothing that will keep up, especially no "cruisers". Sport Bike? None of them are on our little 1000 mile jaunts... I guess I don't understand.

Every idiosyncrasy can be easily dealt with. The twitchy throttle? Mod the cable or start in 2nd. Engine braking? I am in third or fourth around town once I get going. The Suzi loves it. I have bags and a huge windshield (yeah bugs, rocks, and birds at 75mph have taken down more than one of my buddies...) it still handles great and very smooth. One person said something about vibration... For a V-Twin, this bike is glass smooth.

Ed R.

Review by: Deano in SD.
I intentionally bought a very clean 1985 V65 Magna 5 years ago. I put on the Corbin seat, and Seeger forward controls. What an incredible bike. I absolutely love it. But finding parts is getting difficult, so I started looking for a replacement. What I'd give for a 4 cylinder in a cruiser frame, but I understand that's what got the Magna in trouble in the 80's. I finally found the replacement bike in the M109R. My only complaints on the M109 is that it has a very short 1st gear (versus the Magna's very tall 1st gear), and it definitely will not corner in the Black Hills like the Magna.

HOWEVER... That raw torque is incredible!!! It is the only bike that made me scream like a little girl in amazement when I accelerated. Folks....that Magna is fast. A buddy red lined the Magna in every gear..... It could not pull away from the M109. That's a two cylinder keeping up with a four cylinder.... completely unheard of. And I was not red lining on the M109. 100 mph came in an instant.

I was nervous about the riding position, but I found it incredibly comfortable. Lastly, the bike is like a "weeble"(weebles wobble but they don't fall down). It has a very low centroid and it seems that wind is totally irrelevance to the bike. It is rock solid.

If your looking for a bike that is a mixture of crotch rocket and cruiser, this is it. Good handling, amazing power, good comfort. And might I add that it doesn't look like a Harley, and this thing turns heads. I'm thinking of a personalized license plate; ICANDY, or SKIKR. My buddy thought HDEATR, but I thought that would get the bike keyed!! BUY THE BIKE.. you won't regret it.

Review by: Barbara.
Awesome----buy one. Put gixer thou in for 109 will not go back.

Review by: Anonymous
The mighty M109R is by far the best bike I have ever ridden or owned. I have ridden comparable Harleys and came away underwhelmed. To the guy that commented on the 1st to 2nd shifts I have two comments. 1) Have you even ridden one? 2) who buys a big displacement cruiser to sit in traffic? This is a weekend cruiser and if you want to get a commuter, how about a Honda Rebel 450? Excellent upshifts in traffic and 70 MPG. If you've ridden for more than a few years you'll shift through 2nd with ease. BUY IT IF YOU CAN!

Review by: Jason Wilding
19,400 kms, transmission problems 3rd and 4th gear, has 1/8 play side to side no help from Suzuki. $3,600.00 repair but they changed their parts in 2008 for an upgrade - all parts are available, hmmmm... My 2006 M10R has been at the dealership now for 10 weeks, pretty unfair if you ask me!

Review by: Bob
I have a M109R2, 2009 model and have 6,000km on it now.

The thing is, I do not abuse this bike nor am I an aggressive rider. Yet I cannot understand one thing: This bike has a lot of power so ultimately engendering and design would follow up this idea. If so how is it possible that after 6,000km of relatively mild riding, I have a secondary drive shaft housing leak. Why are many others are having this problem with second gear, and problems as so called "clutch shudder". I know that nothing is granted forever, but nothing should not have happened in the first few years basically.

In fact it should not happen at all if you ride nicely without tormenting this huge engine to its limits.

When I spoke to Suzuki CANADA they were so laid back - like in other words: "who cares", we are selling it and you go and figure it out later on. Totally unintrigued with my story and unhelpful.

One year warranty is not sufficient time to claim anything, as in Canada we ride 4-5 months a year and it's unlikely you can do anything bad to your bike as you are in a process of breaking in the engine. I was thinking to extend the warranty but I lost that opportunity timing and cannot do anything now but only to keep fixing and paying bills.

I am thinking to sell or trade in this undefined bike concept for something more reliable and trust worthy, and with a nicer customer service then SUZUKI CANADA.

Personally I have never had a problem with HONDA. Now I regret that I made a switch to SUZUKI

Review by: Dave Cameron [not the UK's prime minister]

I just got my hands on a 2007 Suzuki M109R. I haven't had a ride since my Honda Nighthawk 750S "sweet bike" that we really cleaned up. I had gone to riding 4 wheels/quads, for years and knew I would really like to get back on two. I have been looking all over and then I seen it. and yup, that was it... Had to have it. Love at first sight..... So I bought it tonight... Here's to haveing the right weather to take it out for a great spin....

Review by: Monster
2009 Suzuki M109 - I cant say enough about this bike. I started out with the Katana 750, then on to the Hayabusa. With that bike I had a great time, but you can only ride it for an hour. I'm a big guy, I talked to the dealer Leos South, and he tells me the only thing that you get on after the Hayabusa is the M109, so i traded my Hayabusa in for the M109 and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The handling, the first and second gear that everyone talks about is nothing, I blow people away in those gears, not to mention the compliments from people that just pull up to you at the light. The only things that I'm going to change on this bike are the stock rear 240 tire to a 280 with no swingarm modification, triple tree to stretch it out a little and a 23 inch front tire. I just purchased a f! at tire kit from Sumo X and I love it, can't wait to ride and enjoy the summer. If I had to recommend this bike I would say the price for this cruiser is right on the money, what you will save on gas this summer will almost pay for itself. The fun times that you will have on this bike and the reliability that you have a good product.

Happy riding from monster.

Review by: la botte

je possède une M109R 2006. Depuis le début, le principal problème est le départ en 1ère vitesse. Des sons extraordinaires sortent de l'embrayement et je suis très déçu de mon achat. Y a-t'il un acheteur ? Elle est grise, 32 000 km. Elle coûte également cher d'huile...

Signé : la botte !!

Review by: Swan
M109r is one badass bike, I've owned a 2004 vtx1300 c from new. In riding it for 8 plus years I've done a lot of custom work on it and pipes , paint cowl like the m109 ect. It does look like a m 109r. I've been looking at and doing reviews on the m109 for months now and finally test rode one the other day, wow what a bad bike, first and second gear was no problem, you just have to be calm with it on take off. I had a choice between a new 2012 blueLimited or a used 2007 with 7500 miles and every custom part already added to it,I like the used one because the work is all done and its every thing I'd do to a new one .the m109 is great but my legs are a little short ( 30 inch in seam) so when I get it ill most likley add lowering bones to drop it 1.75 inches.i feel it's the baddest bike out there in the cruzier catogory.

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