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Ferrari 599XX

Ferrari 599XX

Ferrari 599XX

Ferrari 599XX

Ferrari 599XX interior

Year 2009
Engine 6.0 litre V-12
Transmission 6-speed, sequential paddle shift RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 700 hp @ 9,000 rpm
weight -

The 599XX is based on the 599 GTB
The Ferrari 599XX is a track-only supercar developed from the 599 GTB and both cars share same transaxle layout and engine type. However the 599XX benefits from extensive work on the engine's combustion chambers and intake and exhaust ducts. These modifications, combined with the fact that internal friction has been reduced and the maximum revs have been increased to 9,000 rpm, help the 599XX develop 700 horsepower @ 9,000 rpm. The overall weight of the engine was also reduced by using lightweight materials like carbon fibre for the intake plenums and by optimizing the shape of the crankshaft.

The transmission of power to the rear wheels is handled by a 6 speed sequential transmission with steering wheel mounted paddles. This system benefits from a new shifting system which cuts overall gear-change times to just 60 ms.

Another one of the Ferrari 599XX's hidden talents it the electronic system Ferrari calls the 'High Performance Dynamic Concept'. This system has been designed to get the best out of the car by finding the correct balance between electronic driver aids and letting the car achieve its mechanical limits. The mechanical and electronic systems work in sync to achieve the maximum performance from the car under extreme performance driving. The handling of the Ferrari 599XX has been improved thanks to the addition of a second generation SCM (Magnetorheological Suspension Control) system.

The Ferrari 599XX's aerodynamics were developed through a series of wind tunnel tests. The result is that the car now exerts 280 kg (617 lbs) of downforce at 124 mph (200 km/h) and 630 kg (1,389 lbs) at 186 mph (300 km/h). The front underside of the body is completely faired-in and the vents that channel hot air from the engine bay have been relocated to the hood. Small winglets have also been added to the rear buttresses to increase downforce. The bodywork is formed from carbon fibre and aluminium.

Thanks to a porous material in the diffuser and two fans in the boot, which channel the air flow from under the car out through two grilles next to the tail lights down-force and drag can be adjusted depending on the conditions.

To bring the Ferrari 599XX to a halt the car utilizes carbon-ceramic brake discs and carbon-fibre brake pads. This new racing braking system delivers shorter braking distances and is generally more efficient due to the weight saving. The 599XX also features F1-derived 'doughnuts', which partly cover the brake discs and wheel rim. These have the dual functions of improving aerodynamics and cooling the brakes.

The interior of the Ferrari 599XX, as expected is more Spartan than the standard 599 GTB, all the luxuries have been removed and a more race orientated interior fitted. This includes a 'virtual car engineer', a screen in the car that provides a real-time indication of the vehicle's efficiency.

Like the Ferrari FXX race car which was derived from the Ferrari Enzo the 599XX has not been designed for use on the street and lacks any of the necessary equipment to make it street legal or comply with emissions regulations.

Source: Ferrari

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